Lal Ded Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


The chapter presents the inspiring and noteworthy life of Lal Ded, a Kashmiri saint-poet who gave up worldly desire in pursuit of God and strived to teach the same morals to humankind.


Lal Ded was a poet from Padmanpore, Pulwama, who lived in the 14th century. She was recognised by several names, including Lalla, Lal Arifa, and Lal Yogeshwari because she was Kashmir’s most revered lady Saint poet. She left her in-laws after a failed marriage at the age of 24 to pursue sanyas. 

She was affected strongly by the Shaivite and Sufi schools of thought and renounced worldly endeavours in an effort to know God. Vaakhs, a type of mystic poetry composed of four lines and arranged around a theme known as Lal Vaakhs, was devised by her. Her Vaakhs exemplify the best contemporary principles for humanity. 

Her poetry has taken the place of religion’s true core. She had a big influence on Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali (RA), the famous Kashmiri poet Saint. Many personalities, including Richard Temple Coleman Barks and Neerja Mattoo, have translated her Vaakhs into English. The actress Mita Vashishth performed a solo play based on her life titled Laal Dead in English, Hindi, and Kashmiri all throughout India.


Lal Ded is a legendary figure in the history of Kashmiri literature. She has become well-known as a symbol of patience. She remains beloved even after her death because she is a spokesperson for wonderful life principles.