The 3Ls of Empowerment Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 12th


Women’s liberation and empowerment are fundamental in any community. We have had some success in our country, but we still have a long way to go. Here is a speech on the requisites of women’s empowerment.

Learning, Labour, and Leadership

Women are still unable to contribute to their full potential. As a consequence of women being denied equal opportunities in some nations, per capita income lags significantly. They account for half of the world’s population but just around half of its economic activity. To change this picture, a determined effort is required to open doors to opportunity through what is referred to as the “3 Ls” of women’s empowerment: learning, labour, and leadership.

Any transformation must be built on the foundation of education. Learning empowers women to help themselves and break free from the constraints of social marginalisation. Labour facilitates women to flourish and achieve their true potential. 

When women do enter the labour, they are far too often trapped in low-paying, low-status, and low-security positions. Even with the same degree of education and in the same profession, women earn barely three-quarters as much as males around the world.

It essentially comes down to amending the legislation, such as ensuring that property and inheritance laws do not discriminate against women. Women may prosper and use their intrinsic abilities and talents when they are afforded the right to lead.

Women are more likely to make decisions that are based on developing agreement, inclusion, compassion, and long-term sustainability. Women do, on occasion, lack the confidence to match their abilities. They must, however, shift their perspective and rewrite the story to favour them.


It is imperative for women to be willing to “dare the difference” and take chances outside of their comfort zones. It is long due to establish a world in which all women can achieve their full potential without hindrance or prejudice, and the world will gain as a result. We’ll get there with the help of the three Ls. The difference will deliver if we dare to be different.