Crime and Punishment Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 12th


This is the story of an insolent pupil and disciplined teacher, who both make an error and are afraid of their mistake being revealed.

Red Cheek

The chapter begins with a teacher tutoring a rich and spoilt young boy. The insolent child is adamant about annoying his tutor and refuses to cooperate and answer the question correctly. Having enough of his antics the teacher loses his cool and slaps the boy, turning his cheek red. The boy begins to cry and the thought of being caught scares the teacher. 

He begins to console his pupil. Sensing the teacher’s desperation, the kid takes advantage of it and threatens the teacher if he does not fulfil his wishes, the boy will complain to his parents. The boy makes the teacher play with him and gives him the role of being the engine master, the teacher although reluctant gives in and complies with his young student. 

After the engine game, the boy wanted to hear stories so one after the other the teacher narrated stories, from the bison and a tiger to Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Aladdin’s Lamp. The teacher was breathing hard. During the day, he taught for six hours at the school. When the boy demanded one more story, the teacher refused. At this, the boy got up and sprinted to complain about the slap to his parents, with the teacher hot on his tail.

Keeping Up Spirits

The lad was too fast for him, and he wheeled about erratically, forcing the teacher to run around the garden thrice. The teacher appeared to be battered. The boy felt sorry for him and came to a halt near the rose bush. But as soon as he walked up to place his hand on him, the youngster dashed through the door and fled away. It was a futile endeavour. The boy was enthralled by it and burst out laughing. The teacher’s face was flushed, and he let out an uneasy gasp. He slumped against the portico step. 

The parents emerged from the house at this point and inquired about the commotion. The teacher continued to pant profusely and was unable to speak. He’d already decided that rather than being blackmailed by this youngster, he’d confess and accept the consequences.

Just when the teacher was about to confess, the father asked about the preparation for the arithmetic test. The boy’s face plummeted as he heard the word “test,” and he slid quietly behind his parents, pleading with the teacher not to betray him. 

The teacher chose to save him and not divulge the boy’s insolence because he appeared pitiful and desperate. The youngster appeared to be relieved. When the teacher saw his thankful expression, he knew the youngster would not abandon him now. He wished them all a good night and left after explaining that they had finished their courses early and were playing around to keep their spirits up.


Adjustment and reconciliation aid in the smooth running of life. To build a relationship with others, we must respect their feelings and be willing to sacrifice certain personal interests.