Amigo Brothers Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 12th


The brotherhood of two best friends is threatened when they have to fight a boxing match against each other. Only one man can win the match, who will it be?

Tony and Felix

Seventeen years old Antonio Cruz lovingly called Tony and Felix Vargas were so close in friendship that they thought they were brothers. They had known each other since boyhood, having grown up in the same building on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Each had an ambition of one day being the world’s light-weight champion. Antonio and Felix ate, slept, rapped, and were optimistic.

Following a series of elimination bouts, they were informed that they would fight as opponents in the division finals on August 7th, with the winner representing the Boys’ Club in the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament. Along the East River Drive, the two boys continued to run together. Even while they were kidding around, they could feel a distance forming between them. 

One morning they finally confronted the matter. Both hesitant to fight each other were worried they would hurt the other. The two came to the mutual agreement that they would fight fair and square and the best man in the ring would win, with no hard feelings. The amigo brothers then hugged each other tightly.

The Champion

The fight was supposed to happen in Tompkins Square Park. Tompkins Square was a bustle of activity the morning of the fight. The crowd erupted in applause as the two entered the ring. Both Antonio and Felix graciously bowed before raising their arms in acknowledgement. Round one and two both, Felix and Antonio fought vigorously. The scores were even until the third round and this last round would decide the winner. 

They went toe-to-toe in their battle. The sound of their strikes was deafening in contrast to the appalling silence of a throng that had gone utterly silent. The referee was taken aback by their brutality. Over and over, the bell rang out. Felix and Antonio’s blows rained down like hailstones on one other. Finally, the referee and the two trainers were able to separate them.  They took a quick look around before sprinting toward one other.

As the two buddies embraced, the terror was quickly replaced by waves of cheering. Whatever decision would be made, they knew they would always be champions for one another. When the announcer turned to proclaim the winner, he was alone. The champs had already exited the ring arm in arm.


True friendship breaks all barriers and triumphs over enmity and competition.