Act 5

The story continues with a hectic morning inside Mrs. Higgins’s house. She has Eliza living with her as she has left Mr. Higgins after their altercation (argument). She does not inform Mr. Higgins or Pickering before leaving so they are worried to not find her in the house.

They both ask the cops to look for her and reach Mrs. Higgins’s place. She is angry with their childish impatience and treatment of Eliza. She informs that Eliza is with her and is not ready to return to their place.

The scene sees Eliza’s father Alfred return as a rich man. He has inherited a large amount of wealth from an American who was fascinated by his character. However, Alfred complains about his state and that everyone expects aid and financial help from him now.

Mrs. Higgins asks him to take his daughter back and raise her with his newfound wealth. Mr. Higgins interjects claiming that he has already bought Eliza for five pounds. 

Pickering sees Eliza coming and extends praise for her hard work and success. Eliza receives his praise and thanks to him for always treating her like a lady.

She also condemns Mr. Higgins for treating her poorly claiming that it was not the manners but people’s perspective that had changed. She claims that people behave her differently because they see differently and not as a poor flower girl.

Alfred asks Pickering to help arrange his own wedding with his mistress and they both leave. Mrs. Higgins also leaves to prepare for the wedding.

Eliza opens up to Mr. Higgins that she has always felt affection for him but he treated her like a fool. She informs him of her intentions to marry Freddy who is in love with her.

Mr. Higgins reprimands her and asks her to return to his place where all three (Pickering and them two) can live a bachelor’s. Mrs. Higgins returns and asks Eliza to accompany her to the wedding. Seemingly ignorant of her thoughts, Mr. Higgins expects to still return to his house and do his chores like before.

In the end, Eliza married Freddy and they both open up a flower shop. They both seem devoted and in love with each other while Mr. Higgins stays a lonely bachelor.