Act 4

The story continues with Eliza winning the challenge for Higgins. Pickering is shocked to see her conduct herself in a more dignified way that all the other ladies at all the functions and social gatherings they go to.

Higgins is frustrated by the fact that he cannot find his footwear and asks Eliza to find them. He says goodbye and sets off to sleep.

However, he continues to look for his footwear and finds an irate (angry) Eliza holding them in her hands. She smacks him with the footwear and exclaims that she feels horrible now that the challenge is over.

She does not know what to do next and gets even more irritated when Higgins suggests that she should find a husband. She claims that marriage is like selling her body which Higgins finds inaccurate.

The conversation gets even more heated and Eliza questions if she has to return all her clothes and accessories as they were bought by Pickering.

Higgins is confused and even humiliated by such an assertion. Eliza returns a ring that Higgins had gifted her and it puts him over the line. He throws the ring in the fireplace but quickly realizes his mistake.

He apologizes for his emotional outburst and leaves the place with a broken heart. Seemingly delighted with a sense of triumph, Eliza gets back to the fireplace and salvages (saves) the present. She even impersonated Higgins’s wild behavior, taking delight in her ability to get an emotional reaction from him.