Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals Lesson Summary and Explanation Class 8th


“Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals “highlights the idea that God has sent men and women on the Earth to share the joys and sorrows of their lives equally. In the story, Ashangbi, Lanthoi and Tomba are the three major characters who threw light on the importance of equality among different genders and had proved through their ideology that Women, who are half of the human race, are as important as men.

The story begins with the description of the beautiful natural surroundings of the house in the early morning of April. The house nestles by the side of a small stream of crystal-clear water, where the stream tumbles down the green mountains two miles away. There is a stretch of hundreds of acres of fertile land rolling with yellow mustard flowers, between the mountain range and the house.

There is a beautiful garden in front of the house and trees bearing flowers and fruits on all sides of the house. Lanthoi, the youngest daughter of Ashangbi and Tomba, was going to represent the Siroi Lily House as a speaker in a symposium of her school. Her topic was “God created Man and Woman as Equals”. Thus, she wanted to seek help from her mother, Ashangbi, to spare some time so that they could have a brief discussion on the topic.

Lanthoi just had a discussion with her father, Tomba, who worked as a lawyer, a social worker and advocates the cause of women.

Tomba, The Gentleman 

Tomba had always been proud of his wife, Ashangbi, his two daughters and a son. In times of need he extended his helping hand to his wife, children and to the society at large. He never discriminated between a man’s and a woman’s work anywhere. He even shared the household chores equally with his wife like cleaning, washing, cooking and feeding the children.

The story also emphasizes on the goodness of men like Tomba, who support their family for better. Had Tomba not shared in these activities in the way he did then his wife would have not been a successful professional. So, it was Tomba who contributed for Ashangbi’s success.

Topic discussion

In the discussion Tomba expresses his sorrow and grief over the great injustice done on women in the society because he wholeheartedly believed in equality irrespective of class, religion and gender.

Lanthoi approaches her mother in the reading room for a more elaborated explanation and her point of view on what her father just said. Ashangbi explained Lanthoi that Tomba was right because the women have been subjugated in many ways and which was against the will of God because God has sent men and women both equals and the world belongs to both of them.

Lanthoi appreciates her mother and says that their home is full of love because of Ashangbi’s presence. She further praised and honoured her mother by saying that a mother is the fountain of love in a family. This bond of love is beyond comparison with anything else in the world. Because of this the motherhood has been glorified and women accepts the challenge in their lives to become a mother.

Ashangbi continues that the Pioneer women had proved that Women and men both are equal and life is not possible without both of them. Queens like Linthoingambi and Kuranganayani were as brave as kings. There were other common women who were makers of home, society and the entire nation. They even civilized and educated influences.

Modern women have become, naturalists, astronauts, scientists, soldiers and political leaders. All these incidents had proved that there is nothing a woman cannot do.

Important Provisions for Women

Ashangbi further adds that there are four main social and legal provisions to enable women to express their physical and mental potential and to set them

free from suppression. The four provisions include the equal access to basic social services like health and education. The second is equal participation in political and economic decision making. The third one is the equal reward for equal work and the fourth one being the elimination of discrimination and violence against women.

Lanthoi was very glad on understanding the basic of her topic and what it actually means. The next day the twelve-year-old Lanthoi rushes out of the room happily with full confidence of her success. In the bright morning sun, the blue sky met the range of the eastern mountains. The small trail winding up the distant purple mountain always made Lanthoi feel fascinated.