Modern Greek Literature (1453 – Present)

Explore the rich tapestry of Modern Greek Literature in this captivating lesson, now available on Delve into a literary journey that spans the 19th and 20th centuries, discovering the profound impact of historical events, cultural shifts, and societal changes on Greek writers and their works. From the romanticism of Dionysios Solomos to the existential reflections of Odysseas Elytis, this lesson unravels the intricate threads of Greek literary expression. Gain insight into the themes, styles, and influences that shape the narratives of renowned authors, providing a nuanced understanding of the evolution of Greek literature in the modern era. Embark on a literary odyssey today!

Nikolaos Koutouzis1741 AD1813 ADPatriotic and Satirical Poetry
Adamantios Korais1748 AD1833 ADPhilology
Alexander Mavrocordatos Firaris1754 AD1819 ADPoetry
Rigas Feraios1757 AD1798 ADHistory
Georgios Sakellarios1765 AD1838 ADPoetry
Dionisie Fotino1769 AD1821 ADPoetry
Theodoros Kolokotronis1770 AD1843 ADMemoir
Emmanuil Xanthos1772 AD1852 ADMemoir
Athanasios Christopoulos1772 AD1847 ADPoetry
Christoforos Perraivos1773 AD1863 ADMemoir
Andreas Kalvos1792 AD1869 ADRomantic Poetry, Drama
Nikolaos Kasomoulis1795 AD1872 ADMemoir
Yannis Makriyannis1797 AD1864 ADMemoir
Dionysios Solomos1798 AD1857 ADPoetry
Elizabeth Moutzan-Martinegou1801 AD1832 ADPoetry, Plays
Alexandros Soutsos1803 AD1863 ADRomantic Poetry
Panagiotis Soutsos1806 AD1868ADRomantic Poetry, Novels
Alexandros Rizos Rangavis1809 AD1892 ADPoetry
Aristotelis Valaoritis1824 AD1879 ADPoetry
Demetrios Bernardakis1833 AD1907 ADPlays
Emmanuel Rhoides1836 AD1904 ADSatirical Novels
Georgios Vizyinos1849 AD1896 ADShort Stories, Prose
Alexandros Papadiamantis1851 AD1911 ADShort Stories, Poetry
Kostis Palamas1859 AD1943 ADPoetry
Georgios Drossinis1859 AD1951 ADPoetry
Lorentzos Mavilis1860 AD1912 ADPoetry
Ioannis Polemis1862 AD1924 ADPoetry
Constantine P. Cavafy1863 AD1933 ADPoetry
Andreas Karkavitsas1866 AD1922 ADNovels
Gregorios Xenopoulos1867 AD1951 ADNovels
Kostas Krystallis1868 AD1894 ADPastoral Poetry
Penelope Delta1874 AD1941 ADHistorical Novel
Nikos Kazantzakis1883 AD1957 ADProse
Angelos Sikelianos1884 AD1951 ADPoetry
Kostas Varnalis1884 AD1974 ADPoetry
Napoleon Lapathiotis1888 AD1944 ADPoetry
Kostas Ouranis1890 AD1953 ADPoetry
Penelope Delta1890 AD1969 ADShort Stories, Novels
Giannis Skarimpas1893 AD1984 ADProse, Drama, Poetry
Photis Kontoglou1895 AD1965 ADProse
Kostas Karyotakis1896 AD1928 ADPoetry
Giorgos Seferis1900 AD1971 ADPoetry
Andreas Embirikos1901 AD1975 ADPoetry
Maria Polydouri1902 AD1930 ADPoetry
Elias Venezis1904 AD1973 ADNovels
Melpo Axioti1905 AD1973 ADProse
Yiorgos Theotokas1905 AD1966 ADNovels
Angelos Terzakis1907 AD1979 ADNovels, Plays, Short Stories
Nikos Engonopoulos1907 AD1985 ADPoetry
Dimitris Psathas1907 AD1979 ADSatires, Plays
M. Karagatsis1908 AD1960 ADNovels
Pandelis Prevelakis1909 AD1986 ADNovels, Poetry, Drama, Essays
Yiannis Ritsos1909 AD1990 ADPoetry
Dido Sotiriou1909 AD2004 ADNovels
Nikos Kavvadias1910 AD1975 ADPoetry
Melissanthi1910 AD1991 ADPoetry
Nikos Gatsos1911 AD1992 ADPoetry
Odysseas Elytis1911 AD1996 ADPoetry
Nikiforos Vrettakos1912 AD1991 ADPoetry
Yannis Maris1916 AD1979 ADDitective Fiction
Takis Sinopoulos1917 AD1981 ADPoetry
Margarita Liberaki1919 AD2001 ADProse, Drama
Miltos Sachtouris1919 AD2005 ADPoetry
Tatiana Gritsi-Milliex1920 AD2005 ADNovels
Eleni Vakalo1921 AD2001 ADPoetry, Literary Criticism
Iakovos Kambanellis1921 AD2011 ADPoetry, Novels, Plays
Aris Alexandrou1922 AD1979 ADPoetry, Novels
Tasos Leivaditis1922 AD1988 ADPoetry, Literary Criticism
Renos Apostolidis1924 AD2004 ADProse, Literary Criticism
Manolis Anagnostakis1925 AD2005 ADPoetry, Literary Criticism
Alki Zei1925 AD2020 ADNovels
Costas Taktsis1927 AD1988 ADNovels, Poetry
Kiki Dimoula1931 AD2020 ADPoetry
Dinos Christianopoulos1931 AD2020 ADPoetry
Menis Koumandareas1931 AD2014 ADNovels, Short Stories
Vassilis Vassilikos1933 AD2023 ADNovels
Petros Markaris1937 ADMystery Fiction
Jenny Mastoraki1939 AD2020Poetry
Lefteris Poulios1944 ADPoetry
Nasos Vagenas1945 ADPoetry
Margarita Karapanou1946 AD2008 ADNovels
Maro Douka1947 ADNovels
Rhea Galanaki1947 ADNovels, Short Stories, Essays, Poetry
Jenny Mastoraki1949 ADPoetry
Zyranna Zateli1951 ADNovels
Ioanna Karystiani1952 ADNovels
Chrysa Dimoulidou1957 ADNovels
Dimitris Lyacos1966 ADCross-genre
Christos Chomenidis1966 ADNovels