Byzantine Literature (350-1453)

Welcome to our enlightening lesson on Byzantine Literature, a rich and intricate tapestry of literary expression that flourished in the Eastern Roman Empire for over a millennium. From the 4th to the 15th century, Byzantine writers crafted a unique literary tradition that reflected the empire’s diverse cultural influences. Join us as we delve into the world of Byzantine literature, exploring its distinctive characteristics, major genres, and notable authors. Discover the fusion of classical Greek, Christian, and Eastern influences that shaped these captivating works. Unearth the hidden gems and timeless tales that have left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

John Chrysostom347 AD407 ADRhetorical
Procopius500 AD565 ADHistory
Agathias530 AD582 ADHistory
Evagrius Scholasticus536 AD594 ADHistory
Andrew of Crete650 AD712/ 726/ 740 ADTheology
Michael Attaleiates1022 AD1080 ADHistory
Nikephoros Bryennios the Younger1062 AD1137 ADHistory
Anna Komnene1083 AD1153 ADHistory
Theodore Prodromos1100 AD1170ADProse, Poetry
John Tzetzes1110 AD1180 ADDidactic Poetry
Eustathius of Thessalonica1115 AD1195 ADTheology
John Kinnamos1143 AD1185 ADHistory
Eustathios Makrembolites1150 AD1200 ADNovels
Niketas Choniates1155 AD1217 ADHistory
George Akropolites1217/1220 AD1282 ADHistory
George Pachymeres1242 AD1310 ADHistory
Maximus Planudes1260 AD1305 ADTheology
Theodore Metochites1270 AD1332 ADPhilosophy
Manuel Philes1275 AD1345 ADPoetry
Stephanos Sahlikis1330 AD1391 ADSatirical Poetry
George Sphrantzes1401 AD1478 ADHistory
Laonikos Chalkokondyles1430 AD1470 ADHistory
Torquato Tasso1544 AD1595 ADEpic poetry, Lyric Poetry
Georgios Chortatzis1545 AD1610 ADDrama
Vitsentzos Kornaros1553 AD1613/14 ADEpic poetry