Ancient Greek (800 BCE – 350 AD)

Welcome to the captivating realm of “Ancient Greek Writers.” Delve into the intellectual tapestry woven by literary luminaries of antiquity, as we navigate the rich literary landscape that shaped Western thought. From the profound philosophical musings of Plato to the timeless epics penned by Homer, this lesson unveils the genius of ancient Greek writers. Explore the enduring impact of Aesop’s fables, Aristophanes’ comedic brilliance, and the poetic mastery of Sappho. Immerse yourself in the cultural crucible that birthed democracy and myth, unlocking a deeper understanding of the foundations upon which modern literature and philosophy stand. Join us on a journey through the annals of intellectual history.

Homer750 BCEEpic Poetry
Hesiod750-700 BCEEpic Poetry
Alcman700 BCE600 BCELyric Poetry
Archilochus680 BCE645 BCELyric Poetry
Stesichorus630 BCE555 BCELyric Poetry
Anaximander610 BCE546 BCEPhilosophy
Sappho610 BCE570 BCELyric Poetry
Thales of Miletus626/623 BCE548/545 BCEPhilosophy
Aesop620 BCE564 BCEFables
Alcaeus of Mytilene620 BCE580 BCELyric Poetry
Anaximenes of Miletus586 BCE526 BCEPhilosophy
Theognis of Megara570 BCE485 BCELyric Poetry
Anacreon575 BCE495 BCELyric Poetry
Simonides of Ceos556 BCE468 BCELyric Poetry
Heraclitus540 BCE480 BCEPhilosophy
Thespis535 BCE501 BCETragedy
Aeschylus525/24 BCE456/455 BCETragedy
Pindar518 BCE438 BCELyric Poetry
Bacchylides518 BCE451 BCELyric Poetry
Anaxagoras500 BCE428 BCEPhilosophy
Sophocles496 BCE406 BCETragedy
Herodotus484 BCE430-420 BCEHistory
Euripides484 BCE406 BCETragedy
Antiphon480 BCE411 BCERhetorics
Socrates470 BCE399 BCEPhilosophy
Democritus460 BCE370 BCEPhilosophy
Thucydides460 BCE404 BCEHistory
Aristophanes446 BCE386 BCEComedy
Andocides440 BCE390 BCERhetorics
Xenophon430 BCE354/355 BCEHistory
Plato428/427 BCE348/347 BCEPhilosophy
Antonius Diogenes412 BCE323 BCEProse Fiction
Eubulus405 BCE335 BCEComedy
Aristotle384 BCE322 BCEPhilosophy, Physics, Biology
Timaeus356 BCE260 BCEHistory
Menander342 BCE292 BCEComedy
Posidippus316 BCE250 BCEComedy
Aratus315 BCE240 BCEPoetry, Astronomy
Callimachus310 BCE240 BCEAetiology, Poetry
Theocritus300 BCE260 BCEBucolic poetry
Apollonius of Rhodes295 BCE230 BCEEpic Poetry
Archimedes287 BCE212 BCEMathematics, Geometry
Chrysippus279 BCE206 BCEPhilosophy
Polybius200 BCE118 BCEHistory
Apollodorus of Carystus195 BCE159 BCEComedy
Cornelius Nepos110 BCE25 BCEBiography
Virgil70 BCE19 BCEEpic Poetry, Didactic Poetry, Pastoral Poetry
Dionysius of Halicarnassus60 BCE7 BCEHistory
Plutarch46 AD119 ADHistory, Biography, Philosophy
Epictetus50 AD135 ADPhilosophy
Arrian86/89 AD146/160 ADHistory
Appian95 AD165 ADHistory
Ptolemy100 AD170 ADGeography, Astronomy
Achilles Tatius100 AD170 ADRomance Prose
Apuleius124 AD170 ADProse Fiction
Lucian125 AD180 ADSatire, Rhetoric
Athanasius of Alexandria296/98 AD373 ADTheology