Part 4

After several years pass by, Jonathan’s feats become a source of inspiration for many gulls. There start to learn and experiment with flight and break free from their own limitations. Fletcher and the rest of the students of Jonathan are revered as saints and are soon put on a pedestal.

Jonathan itself is somewhat of a cult personality and several places of devotion crop up in his honor. Soon, the normal gulls reject flying as the feat of only the chosen few and rather spend time reciting hymns in praise of Jonathan and its disciples.

All of the students die one by one. Fletcher is the last one to survive and he remains confused as to how gulls forgot about the only lesson Jonathan ever taught i.e. freedom to fly.

After Fletcher dies, all the gulls stop flying and devote more time in worship of the divine Jonathan and its disciples. However, there are a few seagulls that reject such cult status and focus on flying for achieving happiness and a higher state of being.

One such bird name Anthony decides to try the renowned feats of Jonathan for himself. However, while in midflight, Anthony is interjected by a glorious flier. This new gull is exquisite to look at and can fly effortlessly.

Anthony is mesmerized and the new gulls ask Anthony about being a teacher. Anthony is excited to be taught by just majestic fliers. The new mentor is none other than Jonathan itself.