Part 1

The story is about a unique individual who has a personal ambition to be more than its nature. The protagonist is a Seagull named Jonathan who is a free-spirited bird of flight. It wants to try different tricks and become an example for its peers.

It thinks flying is an art form and it needs to be celebrated and not just reduced as a means to gather food. The rest of his family and group do not share the same thoughts about flying and encourage Jonathan to be more composed and conservative.

One day, Jonathan jumps from massive height and tries to turn while nearing the ocean surface. It fails in its attempt and crashes into the water and faints. When it regains consciousness, Jonathan decides to accept its limitation and join the rest of the flock.

But in an accidental maneuver, it completes the feat that it had tried before and regains the confidence to develop its skills further. The next day, Jonathan flies even higher and repeats the trick.

Unfortunately, it flies through a moving flock and is punished for its careless acrobatics. It is brought a council meeting and excommunicated from the flock.

Leaving on its own, Jonathan finds the freedom to become an even better flier. It tries to perfect its technique and also learns to hunt better.

One night, while flying, Jonathan meets two other seagulls who ask it to move higher. Jonathan realizes, they are talking about the final ascent to heaven and obliges