Part 2

Jonathan arrives at the new world and feels refreshed. It feels younger, healthier and more energetic. It is also able to fly higher with far less effort. Jonathan also sees other seagulls at the shore.

However, it feels that there should be even more birds than there are. He is welcomed by its new teacher Sullivan. Jonathan wants to learn more about flying and learns that it is rare to find young seagulls at such a place.

The rest of the birds had arrived there after several life spans and Jonathan was an exception. It meets a new mentor in Chiang who has perfected the art of flight. Chiang tells Jonathan that this place is not heaven and heaven is a state of perfection.

Chiang shows Jonathan his ability to disappear into thin air and then reappear at a different place in an instant. Chiang also agrees to teach Jonathan. Chiang helps Jonathan and then disappears completely one day.

Jonathan is congratulated by Sullivan after it achieves the perfect flight. However, Jonathan expresses his desire to return to Earth and help other young Seagulls who want to learn about flight.

It says its goodbyes and returns to Earth. It finds another excommunicated Seagull named Fletcher who shares the same dreams as it did once. Jonathan decides to take Fletcher under its wings and train Fletcher.