Definition of Definite Article in English Grammar  with Examples


Definite article defines specific noun. This kind of article is used when a speaker refers to a particular person of a group or a specific thing. The noun which the articles refers to can be countable or uncountable, singular or plural. To put it simply, a definite article is used when a speaker or the listener knows the noun that is being mentioned. 

‘The’ is known as definite article in English grammar. 


I am going to the hospital. 

Here the speaker is talking about a specific hospital. Therefore ‘the’ is used before ‘hospital’.

Observe other examples given below to understand definite article more clearly- 

  • The man is waiting for the bus. 
  • Mother is watering the flowers in our garden. 
  • Have you given him the letter? 
  • The sun rises from the east. 
  • Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal. 
  • This is not the time to worry. 
  • The bird laid two eggs. 
  • She is the smartest student in our school. 
  • The baby panda is really adorable.