How to be Happy in Life Essay in English

How to remain happy. Once a person went to a wise-man and said, “I want happiness.” The wise-man simply said, “Remove ‘I’ from your life, it is your ego and it makes you disable. Remove ‘Want’, as it makes you restless and what remains behind is ‘Happiness’!”

Life is meant to be enjoyed in all the circumstances. If you can’t enjoy your life, you are likely to be a dead person. It doesn’t require huge sums of money or luxurious places for enjoyment but just some little changes in your daily routine can drastically increase joy in your life.

So, today we will discuss some really simple but influential practices to make your life better and worth living.

Smile and Silence

These two really simple acts, if acted upon, will prove to be the best remedies for your life. Expanding a sweet smile on your face in troubling situations can solve many problems. E.g. if someone talks bad of you, you should not react but simply smile and say “I don’t care! It would be the best revenge for that guy.

On the other hand, silence in most off the situations can prevent many problems as most of the problems are created by our talks. So try to be silent in most of the situations.

Be Satisfied With What You Have

One of the biggest reasons for our sad life is that we never remain happy with what we have; instead we burn ourselves with the fire of jealousy by seeing the material things of others. If you ever go through such situation, then visit a beggar or a handicapped person or a poor or someone ill and you will be proud of what you have.

Always thank to Almighty for what He has given you.

Do What You Enjoy When You Are Idle

When idle always try to do what makes you blissful. E.g. gardening, articles writing, poetry etc. These things really have a positive effect on your mind. If you don’t have such interests then just discover what makes you happy by doing new and innovative experiments.

Belief in Almighty

Whenever you are depressed or not feeling good, meditate and pray to Almighty. While in solitude try to share your emotions with Almighty and you will surely feel relief and euphoria. Belief in Almighty is one of the best cures of depression. You may gather tonnes of money, yet peace of mind lies in the remembrance of Almighty.

Writing Down Your Virtues on Notebook

Writing down the good deeds that you have done in your past life makes you feel proud of yourself and it will also fill in you the will power and self-confidence. When feeling depressed, just sit down and relax, take a notebook and jot down all your good habits, the good things that you have done in your life etc and you will feel better.

Aside from writing down your virtues, you can also write quotes. Quotes or mottos in life can help guide and inspire you to be at your best. Many legendary people, such as scientists, business tycoons, philanthropists, and heroes have shared their quotes to the world, which are also their driving force or guide to the right path. 

Quotes can reflect your virtues too. You can read inspirational quotes here to be more motivated to write your own personal quotes in a journal. When you start creating your own quotes, you’ll be more inspired to add more whenever you like it, such as in a long-haul flight.

Help Others

Help doesn’t mean, always making your pockets empty but there are many other ways of helping too. You can guide some traveller to his destination or offer glass of water to a thirsty or make depressed person happy etc. These things will really make you happy when the world will trouble you.

There are many ways to extend your kindness and help to other people. You can help answer people’s questions on social media pages, addressing their concerns and giving them peace of mind. In addition, you can start by helping your loved ones to overcome personal conflicts or academic pressures. 

Donating in charities or doing volunteer works in community events or outreach programs are also great ideas. When you help others, you also help yourself because you’ll feel good doing it, boosting your morale.

Expectations Lead to Depression

Remember, expectations never give you bliss. You should always expect from none but Almighty or yourself. Never, in your life, expect something from others. Try to remain independent in the entire thick and thins of your life because problems are short and benefactions of the other are for whole life. So, be independent and be self-sufficient, and you will be happy.

Read Self-helo Books

Reading self-help books has really a positive effect on your mind. These books not only makes you feel better but also fill in you self confidence and will-power. You can find these books easily in online stores at cheap price. Just buy any one of them and see the difference.

Try these simple steps for just a few days and you will you changed life!

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