Good Deeds Essay

A good deed can be defined as helping someone without expecting something in return. Doing good deeds is important for all of us. It helps us to become better people. It affects our lives and the lives of other people (for whom good deeds are performed) positively. It’s our moral responsibility to help others.

Good deeds are also done thinking if we will do good to others, good will come in return to us. It’s a belief that motivates us to do good to others.

When we do good to someone, it inspires him/her to do good, help others as he/she received well. This way it affects our society as a whole and makes it a better place to live.

Good deeds can be done in a variety of ways. We can feed poor people, help orphans, teach poor children, help people with disabilities, donate money and other basic goods to NGOs, help the homeless, feed the street dogs, etc.

We should help others as much as possible. When each one of us will do so, it will make a huge difference and make this place a happy world.