Future Perfect Tense Examples Sentences


In Future Perfect Tense, we use the third form of the verb (past participle) and shall have/will have with the nouns and pronouns. Shall have is used with I & We. Will have is used with He, She, It, You, They and Nouns.


  1. I shall have eaten a burger.
  2. We shall have taken tea.
  3. He will have made an airplane.
  4. She will have fallen in love with a prince.
  5. It will have made a sense.
  6. You will have danced like a lunatic.
  7. They will have made up for the destruction.
  8. Dani will have butchered the goat.
  9. Cars will have run on electricity in the future.
  10. I will have done this work.
  11. We will have praised them.
  12. He will have loved her after she gets married.
  13. She will have driven a scooter.
  14. They will have worked in government institutions.
  15. Hira Sagar will have listened to the music.