Future Indefinite Tense Examples

In Future Indefinite Tense, we use Shall/Will with all the Nouns and Pronouns and the first form of the verbShall is used with I and We Will is used with You, They, He, She, It and the nouns. However, Will can also be used with I and We to express certainty.


  1. I shall eat pizza.
  2. We shall eat snow.
  3. He will make an aeroplane.
  4. She will fall in love with a prince.
  5. It will make a sense.
  6. You will consider his request someday.
  7. They will make up for the destruction.
  8. Dani will butcher the buffalo.
  9. Cars will operate on electricity in future.
  10. I will do this work.
  11. We will kill them.
  12. He will propose her after she gets married.
  13. She will drive a scooty.
  14. They will take benefits from the government by protesting.
  15. Sahul Gandhi will be our new ruler.

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