Application to Principal from Students Requesting Multimedia Facilities in the Class in English

The PrincipalWindsor Academy,Bandra West, Mumbai- 400 050 Subject-Request for multimedia facilities. Respected Sir, As the class monitor, I write on behalf of 10 B. With recent multimedia technologies lessons have turned more interesting and fascinating.  The chapters come alive from the textbooks as the videos play. This will make our learning sessions more engaging and interesting. … Read more

Application To Principal For Name Correction On The Identity Card In English In English

The Principal,J.F.K High School,Sargasan Cross Rd,Gandhinagar,Gujarat 382421. Subject- Request for name correction on the identity card. Respected Madam, I am a student of 7B studying in your esteemed school. My identity card has an error on it. My name is Mahesh Solanki, and my id card spells ‘Salonki’. I humbly request you rectify this error and issue … Read more

Application to School Principal for Teaching Job

The Principal,St. Andrews School,Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai- 400054. Subject- Application for a teaching job. Respected Madam, Your school’s post on LinkedIn notified me about a teaching position for History. I would like to accept this opportunity and apply for the position at your prestigious academy.  I come with five years of experience in the teaching profession and ample … Read more

Application to Principal for Updation and Modification of School Library

The Principal,St. Andrews School,Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai- 400054. Subject- Request to modify and update school library. Respected Madam, I study in class 9 A of your esteemed institution. I write to you as an avid reader. Our school library has a good collection of books, however, most of these books are very old and not taken care of.  … Read more

Application to Principal Regarding Absence in Class

The Principal,Sapphire  College,S.V Main Road,Hyderabad- 500 081. Subject- Informing regarding absence in class. Respected Madam, I am a student of SYJC B studying in your prestigious college. I missed college the entire week last week.  The reason for my absence was my poor health caused by food poisoning. I consulted my doctor and have a medical certificate for the same. Please … Read more

Application to Principal Requesting Financial Aid for Books

The Principal,St. Martin’s  School,Wadia Road,Mumbai- 400 002. Subject- Request for financial aid for books. Respected Madam, I am a student of class 10 A of your prestigious school. Recently my family’s financial conditions have been difficult.  This is my final year and I  require textbooks for all subjects along with novels and reference books. These books are very costly and it is becoming difficult for me to get these books. … Read more

Write an Application to Your Principal Requesting Him to Grant Permission to Visit a Zoo

The Principal,Sapphire  School,S.V Main Road,Hyderabad- 500 081. Subject- Request to Grant Permission to Visit a Zoo Respected Sir/Madam, My name is ________________, and I am writing this letter to request permission to visit the Zoo on April 8th. We would like to do this as part of a school assignment. We would like to gain firsthand knowledge of the world around … Read more

Application Letter for Extra Math Classes to Principal from Entire Class

 16th August, 2022The Principal,G.S Global School,Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi-110 021 Subject– Request for extra math classes every Saturday. Respected Sir, I am Zia Shroff the class representative of 9A. On behalf of the entire class, I would like to request extra math tutoring lessons every Saturday till our semester exams in September.  Although Saturdays are holidays, we promise … Read more

Leave Application Due to Coronavirus

The PrincipalGovt Hr Sec. School,New Friends Colony,New Delhi. (Sub: Leave application for 7 days due to the fear of Corona Virus) Sir/Madam With respect, I would like to tell you that due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus in the city, the government has advised us to remain at home. I fear that there … Read more