Application Letter for Extra Math Classes to Principal from Entire Class

 16th August, 2022
The Principal,
G.S Global School,
New Delhi, 
Delhi-110 021

Subject– Request for extra math classes every Saturday.

Respected Sir,

I am Zia Shroff the class representative of 9A. On behalf of the entire class, I would like to request extra math tutoring lessons every Saturday till our semester exams in September. 

Although Saturdays are holidays, we promise to attend the extra classes in full numbers. We severely lack on the completion of our portion and are far behind the other class. With exams approaching, all the students are very tense and would like the extra classes to practice more and clear doubts from previous chapters. Our teacher Mrs Diana has agreed to teach us only with your permission.

We are very eager to learn the subject and gain a better understanding. We assure you, we will be on our best behaviour and not loiter in the empty school. Hoping for a positive response.

Thank You.
Yours truly,
Zia Shroff
2309, Hyde Apartments,
Grand Street,
New Delhi, 
Delhi-110 021