100 Words Essay on Dussehra in English

Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra, Dasara or Dashain, is a major Hindu festival celebrated every year . The Hindus observe this day by Putting tika on forehead, prayers, conducting religious rituals like burning an effigy of Ravana.  The story behind this festival is found in the Hindu epic Ramayana. This great epic teaches us about … Read more

100 Words Essay on Drug Abuse in English

Drug abuse refers to the excessive and illegal consumption of drugs that are harmful to the health of an individual. It can be defined as the persistent use of a substance despite its detrimental effects on physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. Drug abuse can have serious and long-term consequences, including addiction, overdose, physical and mental … Read more

100 Words Essay on Durga Puja in English

Durga Puja, also known as Durgotsava or Sharodotsava. It is an annual Hindu festival. This festival is celebrated as it celebrates the victory of the goddess Durga over the demon king Mahishasura. This is a four day celebration. It has been celebrated since olden times, it is an old tradition of Hinduism, though its exact … Read more

100 Words Essay on Drought in English

A prolonged dry period in the natural climate cycle that can occur anywhere in the world is defined as drought. Droughts can affect a lot of the workers, especially for the farmers. It can cause a variety of problems for local communities, including damage to crops and a shortage of drinking water. All these problems … Read more

100 Words Essay on Dashain in English

Dashain is a Hindu festival. It is also known as Bada’dashain or Bijaya Dashami in Sanskrit. It  to commemorate the day the goddess Durga killed demons known as Mahishasura – who were killing the world of the gods, the devaloka. People celebrate this festival for 7 days.  The people celebrates this festival by rejoicing among relatives, … Read more