Application for character certificate from police station Jammu

The Commissioner of Police
Police Station Jammu,
Jammu & Kashmir
18 December 2023

Subject: Application for the issue of a Character Certificate


I, Burhan Malik, son of Akseer Malik, write this application to request you Kindly issue my Character Certificate. I need the certificate to apply for my Visa. My date of birth is March 3rd, 1989. I am a permanent resident of House No. 23, Bathindi, Jammu. There is no civil or criminal case against me at any time in India or outside the country. I have never participated in any anti-national or social activities and hold a good reputation in society.

I, therefore, request you grant me the certificate at soonest. I have provided all the required documents with four of my passport-size photographs. I shall be immensely obliged.

Yours sincerely
Burhan Malik