Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir Essay

Tourism today has become one of the largest and fastest growing industries of the world: India is one of the world’s most exciting and attractive tourist resorts. There are several reasons for it. First, she is famous for her scenic beauty. Nature has been kind to her. Secondly, India’s architecture, sculpture and great monuments are the finest creation known to the civilised man.

This day, India’s varied religions and cultures, her colourful fairs and festivals, and her traditional hospitality attract tourists. From all over the world. India earns a lot of foreign exchange. Lastly, India can provide all variety of food suitable for different tastes.

Kashmir is the paradise of tourists: Its scenic beauty and salubrious climate have given it the aptitude of “Tourists Paradise.” With its lakes and mountains, its luxurious chinars and tall slender poplars, delicious fruits ancient monuments, its placid rivers and murmuring streams swarming with Himalayan trout, and a host of innumerable natural attractions Kashmir, as G.T. Vigne prophesied in 1885, has become the sine qua non of the traveller to the East.

Kashmir is one of the most attractive tourist resorts in the world: It is a veritable paradise on earth. Beautiful as her mountains are during the day time they appear all the more beautiful and glorious at sunrise and sunset.

The clear cool water, the gentle breezes, the genial sun-shine, the bubbling springs, the freshwater lakes and snow-capped mountains of Kashmir are very charming, indeed. While praising the beauty of Kashmir a poet has aptly remarked:

Tell me what land can boast of such treasures

Is aught so fair is aught so sweet?

Hail I Paradise of endless pleasure!”

Hail! Beautiful and beloved Kashmir.

The valley of Kashmir has different attractions for different people: It is a pleasure garden for lovers, a playground for sportsmen, an ideal health resort for the sick and a haven of rest and repose for the worried and weary souls. To a poet, its enchanting sights and sounds are a source of joy and inspiration.

To a scholar, its rich folklore and ancient manuscripts promise a world of delight. To a gay, young couple it is an ideal holiday. resort where they can enjoy themselves in luxuriously decorated houseboats or sit under chinar trees. eat cherries and talk of love.

To an artist, it is a land of enchanting colourful scenes which never were on sea or land. To a student of geology, there is a vast field of exploration of rocks and minerals while to students of culture it is the meeting ground of various races and civilizations.

Kashmir has another charm as a holiday resort: In addition to its variety of fruits and flowers, scenes and sights, the choice of varied climate that its hills and meadows offer, there are several opportunities for games and sports.

One can do boating, skiing, skating, mountaineering, horse riding Etc. One can indulge in fishing, hunting wild animals, catching birds, shooting ducks and other kinds of sports.

There are many beauty spots of Kashmir that attract tourists from far-flung places: Pahalgam and Gulmarg are among the finest of them all. The latter is the valley of roses and the tourism department has built up two golf courses of a high standard for the recreation of game lovers. The place is ideal for skiing and trekking.

The Jammu and Kashmir Government Tourist Department extends all kinds of facilities to tourists: It has opened its branches at various important stations to supply information and give help to those who intend planning a holiday in Kashmir. Besides those branches, there are innumerable Tourist Agencies in Kashmir which cater to the needs of visitors.

The tourist trade is an important factor in the economy of Jammu and Kashmir: As many as four lakh tourists pay a visit to the valley every year. The tourist season commences in April-May and continues up to October. Some Europeans come in winter to enjoy the beauty of snowfall and such winter sports like skating and skiing at Gulmarg which is the queen of hill stations in Asia.

The Jammu and Kashmir Government has opened the office of the Director of Tourism which gives visitors all types of information regarding their comfort and safety, board and lodging, journey and transport.

Ameni ties to tourists have been considerably extended now. A net work of well equipped dak bungalows and tourist huts has been laid out throughout the Valley. A Tourist Reception Centre has been set up for looking after the over all needs of the tourists.