Write An Email to Your Friend on Republic Day Celebration on 26th of January in English

To: [email protected]
Subject: Republic Day celebration at my school

Dear Rosey,

This year, my school held a lovely Republic Day celebration. Early in the morning, all of the students and teachers at my school were there. We were overjoyed to see the school building nicely decked with flower pots, bunting, portraits of freedom fighter heroes, and national flags. Loudspeakers were installed, and a dais was constructed. We carried national flags as we marched through the town. We chanted and yelled national anthems and slogans.
When hosting the flag, we stood in rows. At 8 a.m., the national flag was hoisted by the headmaster of my school, and we then sang the national song. My school’s teacher taught us that since independence, our nation has achieved significant strides. He told us that in the future, we will lead our nation. He gave us some advice on how to make our nation a better place to live in the future. He counseled us to make our nation a better place to live. His lecture left a lasting effect on us after. Overseers were given to the students after his speech. 

We participated in some sports in the afternoon. We gave a cultural presentation during the event, which was hosted in the school gym. Students exhibited their artistic talents in the poster-making competition, where they made national flags or portray other Republic Day-related topics. Additionally, a brief quiz show was organized to test participants’ knowledge of the Preamble, national symbols, and the history, geography, culture, and religion of India. The children had pleasure in responding to the questions and gained a lot of knowledge about the nation. The culture show enjoyed tremendous success. 

My school celebrates Republic Day as a day of joy and celebration. The school building was lit at night, and a tricolor proudly fluttered atop it. As one of the most significant historical occasions to remember, my school had started planning for the Republic Day celebration weeks in advance. Every year, my school participates in national happiness and invites all students to do the same.

Wish you had attended the celebration, do convey my regards to uncle, aunty, and grandpa.