Write a Letter to Friend About Republic Day Celebration on 26th of January in English

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Lane no. 6
Vittal Nagar
New Delhi


Dear Mehjabeen

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I am well too. I am writing you this letter to share with you how we celebrated Republic Day at our school. This year, my school held a lovely Republic Day celebration. Early in the morning, every teacher and student at my school met in the schoolyard. We carried national flags as we marched through the town. We chanted and yelled national anthems and slogans.

Then we went back to school. When the flag was raised, we stood in rows. At eight in the morning, the headmaster of my school raised the flag, and we then sang the national song. My school’s teachers gave short speeches about the significance of Republic Day. He emphasized to us that in the future, we will serve as our nation’s leaders. He counseled us to make our nation a better place to live. He left a lasting effect on us with his words. Sweets were given out to the students after his speech.

Our afternoon activities included playing sports. Prizes were awarded to the winners. We put on a cultural performance at night. It took place in the school gym. The school’s structure was well-lit. When illuminated by colored lighting lamps, it seemed attractive. The cultural performance was a huge hit. All of the tourists admired it. The three-hour-long variety show included music, dance, and drama. It made us laugh. The headmaster of my school praised the audience members, instructors, and students after the performance.

For all of us, it was a really fulfilling experience. It fills my heart with pride for our country. Please describe your school’s Republic Day celebrations. I’ll be anticipating your response.

With warmest love,