9 Signs You Should Consider Homeschooling Your Child

Today, many parents do not realize that the way their kids are being educated is drastically different from their school years. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the education world was perfect in the past. However, in-school violence was rare while the teachers (even the principal sometimes!) knew their students by name.

Due to the fact that the system of public schooling has deteriorated noticeably, a lot of moms and dads tend to give preference to private alternatives to public options. As homeschooling is getting more popular, parents now have choices.

If you’re thinking about homeschooling the little ones, below is the list of the signs signaling that it’s time to finally make the transition to homeschooling.

Your kid hates school. If every time that your child comes back home announcing how much he or she hates school and all that goes with it, consider homeschooling as an alternative. The point here is that kids are learners by nature, and there’s no one who can stop them to absorb new knowledge. For that reason, if your child expresses dislike for school, it’s time to listen.

Your child seems to be obsessed with trendy and designer stuff for school. In other words, instead of focusing on deeper inner values, your child tends to focus on things that money can buy. But clothing is just a necessity, and homeschooling is the right way to teach your child it shouldn’t cost a fortune.

You change your place of residence frequently. If your family tends to relocate a lot because of your career requirements, you should consider homeschooling in order to guarantee stability to your kid. Plus, all the members of homeschooling families are closely connected, which will help you overcome the challenges caused by the range of relocations.

Even though you may change your address frequently, regular relocations won’t make your child adjust to a new educational institution every other month or year. No matter where you go, homeschool is always there with you, making your child’s life more stable.

Your child has nothing to say about the other day at school. If you notice that your kid comes home saying nothing about how the day at school way, maybe nothing in the classroom is engaging enough for the little one? Why, after all, should your kid suffer day by day in an uninspiring atmosphere, writing boring essays?

You raise a special-needs kid. At times, kids with special needs like learning disabilities or emotional disturbance find themselves marginalized in a standard classroom. Besides, most public schools happen to have no resources that your child may be in need of.

In case your kid with special needs attends public school but doesn’t succeed academically, perhaps, it’s the right time to think of homeschooling.

Your current school doesn’t have a strong system of religious values. Religious values and beliefs are a crucial part of the everyday life of many American families. While the US Constitution guarantees the separation of state and church, historically religious values were an integral part of the field of education. However, today is a different story. For that reason, homeschooling becomes the only opportunity for families to incorporate their values into their kids’ educational program.

Your child became a procrastinator. If you start noticing that your kid tends to procrastinate homework until the last minute, it’s a big signal that the homework assigned is not up to her or his learning needs.

Your child needs more rest. According to the most recent researches, it is important for children to have a sufficient amount of sleep to be physically and emotionally healthy. It is especially true when it comes to early morning sleep that is essential for the children that aren’t early birds. Due to lack of sleep, a lot of kids who attend public schools come home totally exhausted after a long and busy day at school.

Your kid prefers a hands-on learning style. Whether you’re raising a child with hyperactivity disorder, or the little one is simply a kinesthetic learner, the flexibility of homeschooling could be an option. As you turn to a homeschooling system, you can benefit from your ability to benefit from “real-life classrooms”:

  • Factories and businesses within the area.
  • Science/art museums.
  • Walking city tours and historical monuments.
  • Planetariums and labs.
  • Theaters and concert halls.
  • Outdoorsy activities.

 As more and more parents tend to give preference to homeschooling, we hope that eventually, public schools will evolve into the ones that can comply with the demands of every child. Until then, you shouldn’t sit and wait for the desired changes to come. Instead, take full responsibility and control over your child’s intellectual development. Check your homeschooling options and pick what suits your kid.