4 Signs That A Tutor Is Right For Your Child

Whether it is the start or the middle of another school year, your child deserves all the help he or she can get. During these times, heavy school work, exams, meetings, and practices can be tiring for both you and your child. In some instances, lessons are too advanced and your child might have difficulties in catching up.

As a parent, part of your duty is to ensure that your child’s academic progress is not hampered in any way. While kids can learn directly from the teacher, there would be certain areas of learning wherein your child would need more help.

You can, of course, set aside time to become their personal tutor and help out with the lessons. But for parents who don’t have the time and expertise, there’s nothing wrong if you opt to hire a dedicated tutor instead. To know if your child would benefit from a tutor, here are some of the signs to watch out for:

Their Grades Are Slipping

As a parent, you should be more attentive, especially when you start noticing that their grades are starting to fail. When this happens, talk to their teacher and try to get insights on what lessons does your child needs more focus on. Usually, kids have a hard time grasping advanced Mathematics. If your child is one of them, there are many online tutors like those you can find on TutorMe who specializes in Math lectures. You can check TutorMe’s informative post about a complicated Math topic and see for yourself.

Problematic Behavior In School

Like adults who don’t have any motivation to go to work, kids also sometimes detest going to school. This is normal, and your child might just need more time to rest. However, if your child frequently makes up excuses and is generally lazy about school work, then there’s an underlying problem you need to address.

If you notice that your child is exhibiting bad manners and negative behavior when it comes to school, it’s time to dig deeper. Communicate with your child and ask the teacher about his or her current progress and development. Your child might just be demotivated because he or she is having a difficult time with certain subjects.

Thus, a tutor may help them see a different perspective. If you find a good tutor, your child will get the assistance they need, and it can later help them regain back their confidence and motivation in school.

Your Child Is Losing Confidence

Being a parent, you would normally ask your child how their school day went. If you notice that they have been more aloof and secretive lately, then there might be things that they’re holding back. It’s normal for older kids to feel embarrassed, but if you sense that their refusal to share is tinged with fear, shame, or guilt, then it’s an indication that they may have trouble in school.

Your child might feel uneasy about showing their workbooks, or they might be afraid to admit that they’re having a hard time in school. They may also feel pressured because of their peers. They may also be taunted because of certain weaknesses. In other words, your child may be losing confidence, and this loss of confidence might be the reason why they aren’t doing well in school.

With a tutor, however, they may open up because they don’t have fears of retaliation or consequences. Your child may be more confident that there’s only one person he or she needs to deal with. And as previously mentioned, a good tutor can help regain back his or her confidence. The tutor can also help them develop areas of weakness so it won’t be a source of insecurity anymore.


Anyone can be a procrastinator, including students. It’s also common for kids to delay their tasks in favor of games and other forms of entertainment. Even adults get distracted, so imagine how kids can easily divert their attention somewhere else—especially for those who have very wild imaginations.

Your kids don’t have to master the art of time management at a young age, but it’s ideal for them to start developing that skill. They don’t have to be overly organized yet because they’re still kids, after all. However, if they tend to find excuses to put off school work until the last minute, or are missing deadlines entirely—then that’s already a problem.

Getting a tutor may help them be more organized and conscious about school work and deadlines. The time management problem is in the second list of issues that young and old students face. And if you don’t start them young, they would most likely bring that procrastination and cramming habits until college.

Regular lectures and guidance may help your child stay focused. Tutors can help them follow up and comply with school activities promptly. They can monitor and remind your child about incoming deadlines and other assignments. With a tutor’s help, your child might develop better study habits, self-discipline, and time management skills.


Learning in school may be fun for some students, but not all children are the same. Your child may be having difficulty in certain subjects, projects, and selected activities.

If you notice that your kid is exhibiting problematic behavior in school, failing grades, and difficulties in learning or focusing, it may be a sign that they really need help. Take a tutor in the picture and see how they can help your child in dealing with school.

Good tutors are not just trained to assist kids with their lessons and homework, they are also equipped with the proper training to handle different aspects of a child’s development. They can help kids regain confidence, build a study habit, and be responsible enough to be organized and time-conscientious.

If you are capable of personally tutoring your child and assisting them in schoolwork, then that would be the best-case scenario indeed. However, there’s also nothing wrong if you opt to hire a competent tutor instead. It’s best to have trained professionals handle your children.