5 Minute Speech on Social Networking in English for Students

Social networking is also known as SNS. This has grown so much over time. It is developing every hour. The purpose of social networking is to learn, share, interact and market. Examples of this are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social networks are probably one of the most important platforms in everybody’s life. It can break or make a person’s career. We have to make use of these social networks wisely so that it does not ruin us. What can make us powerful can also have the ability to ruin us. This is something to be kept in mind. Social networking has immensely empowered the economy of all the countries in the world. It has uplifted the standard and communication portals. SNS has made its mark in the life of everybody and can be said that it is now a part of our life. It is an online transport for all major and minor works. The risk of SNS is many but it also depends on how we use them. We should not share personal information with any stranger. This could be a huge risk to our lives. We should be wise enough to use social media practically and be brave enough to take our stand and voice our opinions in the right way.