5 Minute Speech on Social Issues in English for Students

Social issues are issues that have been going on since time immemorial. It is important to have debates and discussions regarding issues such as this. If one may ask why? This is so because, through these social issues, people are bound to have debates, discussions, and meetings and through this, change is brought and ideas are exchanged. Social issues have made people learn more about each other and the mindsets of others as well. This may also have instances of causing rivels between close friends and fights amongst people. It can affect the livelihood of the people and the individual as well. It can also break a group of strong people apart. Being broad-minded and well-educated is very important, especially in affairs such as this. Being broad-minded allows one to tackle situations and learn from them. Social issues can cause harm and this is clear because of the clash in mindsets and ideology but if pondered on this in-depth, we can also learn so much more and learn more ways to tackle the problems required.