5 Minute Speech on Social Media Boon and Bane in English for Students

There are a lot of boons and banes as we talk on the subject matter of social media. I believe this is a very important topic to keep us all above ground and to be well aware of all the happenings around social media. It is undeniable as we talk about the impact that social media has on the working of the world and its people. It has made life on Earth much easier. For instance, some jobs have been made virtual, communication has been made so much easier with WhatsApp, Instagram, telegram and many more. The economy of all countries has grown at an amazing rate. Through social media we can update about ourselves to friends and families living afar, we can keep ourselves updated with the current affairs of our country and others as well, and many more. These are a few of the greatness that social media bestowed upon us. With good comes bad and therefore we are also falling into the clutches of social media by letting it control us and our lifestyle. We have been given allowance to let social media take over and that is paving so many ways for worse disruption. Social media is addictive and because we keep no limit towards it, many people are bound to fall into its clutches and it creates problems of addiction within it. There are many problems of scams and cyberbullying from kids to adults resulting in more cases of suicides. People in general are facing so many mental health issues concerning this because this has paved the way for comparison and competitions within lifestyles.