5 Minute Speech on Social Media in English for Students

Social media is a platform so important in today’s world. It is extremely powerful. It is a platform where it gives a person complete freedom to voice out their opinions. It has helped so many people all over the world in numerous ways. Communication has been made so much easier with the introduction of social media despite living in different countries. The importance of the internet and good networks has been made to its utmost importance. Online shopping has also significantly increased in popularity. All works of life have been made so much easier and accessible with social media. But along with the good things that social media has brought us, we have also used social media to the extent that it is destroying us. For instance, there are more scams, cyberbullying, addiction and many of her health issues concerning social media. The fact that it has given everyone a voice to speak, has turned into a platform where people are using this platform in very wrong ways. We have given social media so much power. We have to learn and teach others and ourselves to use social media wisely and practically. In doing so, we make the world. A better place to live in.