5 Minute Speech on Stress Management in English for Students

How we manage our stress is known as stress management. With the world of today being so hectic, there is a lot more pressure on work and this is causing a lot of stress amongst people. Both students and adults are facing this. The whole world goes through stress. Stress can affect a person’s health. It can deteriorate a person’s mental state, emotional well-being and physical well-being as well. It is so important to be strong mentally and be wise enough to tackle stress in your way. Everyone has different ways as to how they manage stress. For some people, they listen to pop music, while they tackle stress by either going out for a hike or a walk or a run. There are so many ways. Everyone will have their ways of tackling stress and you have to find your way of taking your own time. What may suit a person may not suit you and that is still okay. Stress also helps mental well-being become stronger but to a limit. We should learn how to manage stress and not let stress manga us because that can affect our productivity.