5 Minute Speech on Career in English for Students

Everyone has a different definition of what a career is. But in general, it could be said as the type of work one does. There are so many careers in today’s world. Some of which are teachers, engineers, business people, etc. It is very important to love the career that one does. It is important to keep a good career in mind that gives decent pay. The knowledge of having a good career is very important to be taught to students in high school for their future endeavours. A better career also may have higher pay. It is important to keep a proper balance between career and life. One’s career also ultimately alters the person’s character and personality. It becomes a source of identification for one to judge as well. A talk or a program on this topic is important for students of classes 8-12 and even college students to open doors for options of various career choices that would fit them just right. Many institutions are taking this into account. Having a career talk with students also pushes them to work hard and motivates them for the better. Even parents should put this aspect of talking to children about career as it is very important for their future. Your social life will ultimately be affected by your career, therefore it is so important to choose your career wisely and most important love what you do.