5 Minute Speech on Covid 19 Pandemic in English for Students

The covid 19 pandemic took the world by shock. It brought a lot of waves of uncertainty in every aspect of life and of survival. It became a fight, a survival of the fittest. This pandemic took away lots of life. It became a period of history marking the death of so many people. Doctors and nurses were at risk of losing their lives in the midst of taking care of people. It was a very scary period. the majority of the shops were closed down. There were many rules concerning the timing of when a person should be out. Many lockdowns took place in intervals to keep the people safe. The government also took various initiatives in all aspects to safeguard the lives of the people in their respective countries. As for the institutions, everything was conducted virtually. Exams for daily classes were conducted virtually. This led to the rise of less socialising people. This phase also brought a massive rise in anxiety and depression, especially among students and young youth. Many old people died due to their weak immune system against this deadly illness.  As much as it took a lot of life and as much as it brought in. A Lot of sadness, fear, worry and anxiety, also had a positive impact on other fields. People were seen to maintain more hygiene.  Family bonds got stronger and there came a wave of many different small businesses. As much as it took away from all of us, it gave a great push to upgrade all hospitals and it taught everyone to take better care and better caution of themselves at home and in public as well.