5 Minute Speech on Child Labour in English for Students

Child labour is an act of making children aged 14 and below work. This is prohibited in most countries. The people forcing child labour are punished with the highest disciplining. The government is trying its very best to remove this horrible work. We as citizens of our country should try and help in removing this. How can we do that? We can do so on our part by educating the uneducated and educating the educated. Social media plays a massive role in today’s world. This is a good way to put up posts to educate people on child labour. There are still so many people who are seeing this act and are still unaware of the damage caused by this. The majority of the children’s deaths are due to this. The root cause for this problem of child labour is the mindset of the people and can be one way or the other blamed on society. India is one of the top countries for having the most child labour.  Education should be open to everyone. This is the main solution to removing child labour. The government of India has also put up a law act called the Child Labour Prevention Act to protect children from this. This is a very important act that should be kept in mind for everyone.