5 Minute Speech on Role Model in English for Students

A role model is someone that we look up to, someone we want to become. We look up to that person with the utmost respect and love. Not everyone has the same role model. While some role models may be singers, some may be speakers or even actresses. There are many role models in today’s world. It is important to choose a good, polite, humble and influential role model. It is also vital to have a role model in our lives. 

My role model is a woman named Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco-Escudero. She is popularly known as Heart Evangelista. She is an actress, an artist, an influencer, and a businesswoman. She is known to be one of the rich in the Asian community.  I look upon her not because of her wealth but because of her honesty and transparency. She is so hard-working and so beautiful. She sees art in everything. For instance, she sees art in fashion and painting and her work as well. She focuses on special needs and animal welfare and does so well and works so hard towards it. Despite the wealth in her hands, she is so humble and so kind. She is so popular throughout, especially in the world of Asians. With popularity comes quite a pressure in all aspects and there will be lots of rumours about her but despite it, she can tackle all of the problems well. 

Heart Evangelista is thirty-eight years old. She carries herself very well. She has been my role model in life. I look up to her and her husband whom she adores and learns from. I respect how she listens and is an open-hearted person.