5 Minute Speech on Mahatma Gandhi in English for Students

Mahatma Gandhi is the father of India’s nation. He is probably the perfect example of being the most humble person, one of patriotic spirit. His love for the nation goes beyond words. Till his death, he thought for the country’s being. He is the most popular figure in the nation. The nation celebrates his birthday every year on the second of October every year declaring a holiday on all institutions and workplaces. We study him and his work in our schools. He is very intelligent and witty. He was a lawyer and a freedom fighter as well. He died at the age of seventy-eight years old. He was shot dead as three bullets were fired into his chest. He was married at the very young age of thirteen. He also had very bad handwriting. He studied law in London and there came a phase where he was very influenced by the way of the Londoners and tried to cope with their lifestyle with dressing habits and eating food habits but in the end, it proved to be fatal. 

He is one who truly believes in living life to its fullest and this is one influence out of many that we can adapt in all our lives.