5 Minute Speech on Mental Health in English for Students

Our mental health is very important. We are not able to take our mental health to its utmost importance but rather are ignorant of it. Because of bad mental health, the world is facing a lot of suicidal cases and many other youths are involved in drugs due to depression, pressure, anxiety and many other reasons. Mental health is directly linked to our physical health. So, if we take care of our physical health but not our mental health it will all go in vain. We must learn to prioritise our mental health and be wise about taking care of our mental health. We should be educated on this subject and try to promote this. Uneducated people are the most ignorant of this subject topic and they don’t take this seriously. We should try and promote this as we educate people by holding programs in rural areas where the majority of people are uneducated. We should give importance to this matter in families as well.