5 Minute Speech on Depression in English for Students

Depression is a kind of disorder where a person is filled with extreme sadness and emptiness.

Depression is very common in today’s world. Depression is most commonly occurring when a person is faced with a difficult life crisis. An example could be the loss of a job, being diagnosed with a severe ailment, separation or divorce. Depression is not easily detected in an individual and can go on for a few months if it is not treated fast and this creates an adverse impact on a person’s life. The majority of the people who face depression are youths and through this many suicidal cases are caused. Depression if not tackled can cause a lot of mental health problems that will eventually affect physical health. It has become very common among school students even very young children like class 1 or 2. This is extremely sad and rather very surprising but it is a bitter fact of today. Students are being pressured by their parents so much that they face many problems in their social lives and other affairs. One reason would also be competition in jobs that cause a lot of stress. Koreans are a good example of this. The pressure from the rich on their children is rather very extreme and a gist of their life can be seen in the dramas that they create.