5 Minute Speech on Dreams in English for Students

Dreams are thoughts, the happenings that take place in our minds when we are asleep. It is not every day that we get dreams. Some people believe strongly in dreams. They believe that dreams tell us something important if we look deep into them. And in some cases, it proves to be true. For some when we ponder upon a certain thought and a certain situation, we dream about it. Sometimes dreams can be entertaining, while some can be very scary. People have nightmares at times and that can be very traumatising for people, especially children. There are many amazing facts about dreams and how they are formed.  Some people strongly believe that certain dreams are seen as bad luck. For instance, like that of teeth falling. Through dreams, people get inspired to either write or create something as well. Dreams are a way of life. Even an animal can dream. It is said that we have multiple dreams in our sleep. Dreams can affect us psychologically and can affect our productivity as well.