5 Minute Speech on Drug Addiction in English for Students

Drug addiction is so common in the world today. It is extremely dangerous and scary. Even children of the age of 11 are addicted to drugs. Imagine the number of cases among older youths. It is frightening to even think of how the world will turn out in the next decade with the case scenario. There is a rise in many drugs today. Lots of lives are lost due to this. We should try our best as the people in the society to eradicate this. Drug addiction should be taught to children about it and its consequences. It can break a person’s life in a snap. The cases of this are rising and now the concern is on many people. The world has decided to set a day for educating the people on this subject matter. This day is called the International Day of Drug Abuse. Every year it runs on different themes. The theme of 2023 is “People first stop stigma and discrimination, strengthen prevention. Uttar Pradesh is said to have the highest number of drug abuse in India.  Many students are involved with drugs and according to research, it is stated that more than seventy-five per cent of the students are involved in drug abuse. How sad that is! The causes of this can be many. Some are because of family problems that children find comfort in drugs, some because of peer pressure and many other problems. These students have to be taught, treated and put under special care. Psychologists are much in need in this day where everything that goes up to the brain has a strong linkage with drugs. 

We on our part can educate and advise people, our friends and colleagues and stand by each other as friends and family.