5 Minute Speech on Dowry System in English for Students

The Dowry system is a system where something valuable is exchanged in connection with
marriage. This is very common in India. In India, the bride’s family is required to meet the
demands of the groom. Many people call this a bride’s price. This puts a lot of financial
burden on the family of the bride. In a lot of cases, if the demands are not met then the
marriage is either not held or the bride’s family lives in a whole lot of debt. It also gives a lot more room for disrespect to the wife in her new household by the groom and his family.
Many people are against this system and many others support this system. One thing we
know for sure is that it is not as prevalent as it was back in the years. The demands under
the dowry system are cash, jewellery and many others. There are so many reasons why
women are respected and looked up to in society. Yes, the world is changing and women are now being respected. But the disrespect is still there, especially for the poor. One of the main reasons is because of the dowry system. The government is trying its best to eradicate the system. The dowry system has put the lives of many women in danger. We need to educate the purple on this matter. It is the only way out. It can save the lives of many women.
Because of this system, people in particular the Indians prefer the male gender over the
female gender. Society plays a vital role in this affair. We the people should put our hands
together and work to remove this system.