5 Minute Speech on Girl Education in English for Students

In an era of modern science and technology, we have advanced so much yet in many parts of the world, we have heard and seen women being deprived from receiving educational benefits and opportunities. In rural areas, women are often denied access to education and are often deprived from pursuing their studies rather they are forced into early marriage. From many religious, caste and political instances we have witnessed the discrimination women had to face and to this day are still facing. But at the same time we have also seen the struggles of some women being able to pursue education despite all their struggles but were able to stand against all odds to overcome and achieve their dreams. We have seen women activists fighting against oppression and the injustice women face and how big of a chance they were able to bring and create a safer and better future for the women. 

Thus, we can see the power education holds and how women are able to create a better society.