5 Minute Speech on Overcoming Fear in English for Students

The majority of the people have fears in their lives. These fears are developed and caused by either trauma from childhood or adulthood, movies, witnessing a situation or even overthinking. Overcoming fear takes a lot of courage. It is not easy. It may be easy to say it but in doing so, the first step to overcoming a fear is the biggest challenge. We need to be strong mentally and emotionally to overcome any fear. Having supportive friends, family, and guides will make that step easier. There are many who say relaxation technique helps. We have to be brave mentally, emotionally, and physically to overcome any fear. If we’re weak, it would really drain anyone out and may cause serious damage to our health. It affects a person’s mental health greatly. We should never make fun of anyone’s fear but rather help them get over that fear by motivating them and speaking words of positivity and encouragement. 

Overcoming fear is a big step but in doing so, a person becomes brave and has more faith in oneself. Inner strength is vital in this affair. We should always learn to be kind to anyone we cross paths with. This will help the person to confront his or her fear with more confidence.