5 Minute Speech on Parents in English for Students

Parents are those who take care of us, cloth us, shelter us and provide us with food. They’re the ones who sacrifice a lot for our happiness. Our parents guide us and they make sure that we are on the right path in life. They want the best for their children and will do everything for their children to provide safety. We should be very grateful to our parents. We should take good care of our parents as they did for us when we were young. We should be helpful to them and not be rude. We see that most children can be very rude and rough-spoken to their parents which should not be the case. Children should respect and I bet their parents. They pay attention to our needs, worries and problems and try to solve them along with us. Our parents are not perfect, they are just like us. They make mistakes and have flaws. We should learn from one another and be patient and understanding with one another. We should treat them with love and respect and they do the same.