5 Minute Speech on Peer Pressure in English for Students

The pressure that we get from our friends is known as peer pressure. Peer pressure can be positive and negative as well. Positive pressure is good. It helps us to build ourselves into a better citizen in the society. We should have a positive power pressure impact on our friends and promote it. Positive peer pressure is behaviours like good manners and good deeds. Through this, we influence many others. We should try and teach our friends to be kind and not gossip. We should promote good behavioural stigma.  This will go a long way in life. It can change a person’s life and can save a person’s life as well. Negative peer pressure is the pressure that is given by our friends to do bad deeds. We are influenced to have bad manners which we slowly start adapting in our lives. 

Peer pressure is something that we all face in life. We should be wise in picking our friends. It might either build us or destroy us. It has a big influence on our character and personality.