5 Minute Speech on Online Class in English for Students

Online classes have become very popular, especially after the outbreak of Covid 19 which has limited social interactions to a great extent. People were not able to interact with one another because these interactions may give rise to more COVID cases. Because of this, many schools, colleges, and institutions developed online classes for about two to three years. Online classes were there before the COVID, however, with the rise of COVID-19, online classes became more popular. For some people, it benefitted them greatly as they focused better with fewer interactions which seemed to be a sort of distraction for them, and they were able to cope better with the activities and lessons as they felt more comfortable in their zone. Students were able to learn new activities, new interests, and hobbies as well. However, for the other half, we could see how distracted online classes were for them. It brought rise to more class bunking and many other problems. Students were seen as less interested in everything they did, and this brought a rise in many health problems. Depression and anxiety increased in many lives of the students, cyberbullying increased and there were many suicidal cases as well. 

Everyone has their own opinion based on this but all in all, it taught the students more about themselves and promoted family bonding time as well. Parents were able to learn more about their children. Online classes also paved the way for better relationships between parents and students as well. It is during this time that people especially parents could appreciate the efforts of the teachers.