5 Minute Speech on Nature in English for Students

Nature is what we see around us excluding man-made creation. It is the sky, the trees, the wind, the clouds, and others. We should take good care of nature. We shouldn’t pollute our nature which is seen very often in today’s world where people are ignorant of how important nature really is in the cycle of life. It is through nature that we are able to live and breathe. When we pollute nature we are ultimately destroying healthy lifestyles because as we pollute we destroy the air that we breathe in. Polluting nature will bring a rise in numerous diseases and sicknesses resulting in a rise in deaths. Through nature, we are able to be inspired and motivated. There are so many poets, artists, and many others who take inspiration from nature. If we take care of nature we eventually take care of ourselves and nature will aid in doing so but if we don’t, we will ultimately destroy our way of life. It is vital and very significant that we share knowledge about nature with our friends and families and let them be educated on this subject matter.