5 Minute Speech on Online Education in English for Students

Online education has really made life for students and parents so much easier. For some students, it has benefitted them while for some, there has been the rise of more struggles and hurdles. It has both good and bad impacts depending on the student. Everyone has their own perspective on this matter. Online education has made people save more time. But according to research people are socializing very less to a level where it has become a concern for the family. It has also caused problems like mental issues eye vision problems and many others. The good thing about online education is that it opens the door to free earning, there is less pressure, and the students are comfortable in their own space. However, the rise of online education has brought rise to more introverts who are struggling with face-to-face interactions and has brought rise to more students abandoning studies, depression and anxiety, and many more. When it comes to being educated online, most pressure is on the side of the parents and other family members to give more attention to the children in other affairs as well.