5 Minute Speech on Natural Disasters in English for Students

Natural disasters are also called natural hazards. These are the disasters that are caused naturally. There is nothing we can do to stop these disasters. There are some countries that face more problems with natural disasters than as compared with others. In the year 2022, the country, United States was on the top list of the most occurrence of natural disasters which was equivalent to approximately twenty-six disasters. There are some natural disasters in history that have turned out to be the worst-ever occurrences. As my study was done on this topic I gathered a few examples which would be made clearer for better understanding. China floods which occurred in the year 1931 in the month of July, the Tangshan earthquake which took place in 1976, the Yellow River flood, etc. These are some of the few out of many occurrences that had such major attacks on the people, the society, and the economy of their state. It also caught a lot of attention. 

We should teach and train ourselves about this and about the things we should do in case of such occurrences. Some natural disasters come without warning. It takes away a lot of lives and property. This is a topic taht one should be very well verse in and trained on.